Data Science Consulting Services

Data science services help companies run experiments on their data in search of business insights. ScienceSoft renders data science consulting leveraging Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, and Deep Learning technologies to meet our clients’ most deliberate analytics needs.

Use Cases We Cover with Our Data Science Services

Operational intelligence

Optimizing process performance due to detecting deviations and undesirable patterns and their root-cause analysis, performance prediction and forecasting.

Supply chain management

Optimizing supply chain management with reliable demand predictions, inventory optimization recommendations, supplier- and risk assessment.

Product quality

Proactively identifying the production process deviations affecting product quality and production process disruptions.

Predictive maintenance

Monitoring machinery, identifying and reporting on patterns leading to pre-failure and failure states.

Dymanic route optimization

ML-based recommendation of the optimal delivery route based on the analysis of vehicle maintenance data, real-time GPS data, route traffic data, road maintenance data, weather data, etc.

Customer experience personalization

Identifying customer behavior patterns and performing customer segmentation to build recommendation engines, design personalized services, etc.

Customer churn

Identifying potential churners by building predictions based on customers’ behavior.

Sales process optimization

Advanced lead and opportunity scoring, next-step sales recommendations, alerting on negative customer sentiments, etc.

Financial risk management

Forecasting project earnings, evaluating financial risks, assessing a prospect’s creditworthiness.

Patient treatment optimization

Identifying at-risk patients, enabling personalized medical treatment, predicting possible symptom development, etc.

Image analysis

Minimizing human error with automated visual inspection, facial or emotion recognition, grading, and counting.

What Our Data Science Services Include

Business needs analysis.
  • Outlining business objectives to meet with data science.
  • Defining issues with the existing data science solution (if any).
  • Deciding on data science deliverables.
Data preparation.
  • Determining data source for data science.
  • Data collection, transformation and cleansing.
Machine learning (ML) model design and development.
  • Choice of the optimal data science techniques and methods.
  • Defining the criteria for the future ML model(s) evaluation.
  • ML model development, training, testing and deployment.
ML model evaluation and tuning.
  • Data science insights ready for business use in the form of reports and dashboards.
  • Custom ML-driven app for self-service use (optional).
  • ML model integration into other applications (optional).
User & admin training, data science support consultations.

Use Cases We Cover with Our Data Science Services

Machine learning consulting

Advising on and developing ML-power solutions to help companies find hidden patterns in massive amount of data to enable accurate predictions and forecasting, root-cause analysis, automated visual inspection, etc.

Big data services

Big data consulting, implementation, support, and big data as a service to help companies store and process big data in real-time as well as retrieve advance analytics insights out of huge datasets.

Image analysis services

Designing and developing custom image analysis software.

Data mining services

Retrieving valuable insights out of large, heterogeneous and constantly changing data sets without investing in an in-house data mining talents.