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Introduction London Journals 

London Journals is a distinguished organisation that publishes remarkable, double-blind peer-reviewed, internationally acknowledged journals with global prominence.

For us, researchers in academia, scientific institutions, and corporate R&D departments are at the core of every aspect of our work and methodologies.
We welcome papers and articles from all significant research fields such as computer technology, natural and formal science, engineering, management, business, humanities and social science and are closely integrated with authors.

Our Mission
London Journals is committed to delivering the entire research community worldwide by publishing trustworthy and genuine researches submitted by honourable researchers/scientists/engineers/administrators/professionals/institutions. We intend to routinely modernise our dexterity and cultivate our unequalled quality standards to deliver our superior quality journals of all knowledge fields.

World-Class Information

LJMS focuses on bringing the genuine, driving edge Scientific, and Technical & Crucial data to its readers thus powering a ceaseless cycle of research, discovery and applications in field of Science exploration.


Global Dissemination

The authors of today and future can fulfil their information needs by connecting with vast disseminated and preserves database of LJMS.

We are honoured to play a valuable role in international research, by contributing to the developments in an array of domains. We work towards expanding and exhibiting the research publication by delivering unparalleled services and ingenious tools to researchers, educators, scientists and practitioners globally. By providing scholarly research papers/articles, we aim to create an even better platform for authors.