Adonis Network

Adonis Network

Introduction of Adonis Network (ADON)

In the world of vast cryptocurrency, we meet daily news, new Coins, NFTs, Tokens, Metaworlds, etc. are created. This process became interesting for Adonis International Holdings about two years ago, and it was this unbridled interest that became the basis of our Launchpad as Adonis Network. Adonis Network is a Joint-stock Company registered in Turkey and approved by the government of Turkey Reg# (0081742718)

Adonis Network Actually, it's a multi-chain fundraising platform with a new crowdfunding technique in blockchain structure enabling that enables cryptocurrency projects to introduce their native token or coin through Adonis exchange or other exchanges.

We are the only member of this market that has a state-licensed cryptocurrency market.

Our team will continue to shape the crypto world to make it better, easier, more accessible, useful, and efficient. There are many platforms where you can find information about cryptocurrencies, find out their current value, evaluate past data, and many more, but none of them offers the same reliability as we do.

We wanted to create a system that would allow us to perform all the necessary procedures in our own space, we mean the type of chain that looks like this:

We create the product and the space where the product will be placed, connect the stakeholders with it, connect the people who trade cryptocurrency every day, and allow them to communicate with our partners.



Adonis strives to be among the pioneers in the blockchain industry with a vision for the coin, ADON to become one of the leading cryptocurrencies amongst the first 100 established. Adonis aims to help the governmental and educational institutes by providing them with secure and immutable applications. Adonis envisions leading the blockchain revolution by creating a global marketplace where people can buy, sell, and trade cryptocurrency of their choice in the most secured and trusted manner, and Adonis Network's main vision is to become one of the trusted sources for launching Cryptocurrency projects.


Our mission is a make a multi-chain fundraising platform enabling projects to raise capital and promise safety to early-stage investors for example in the educational section to be able to help students and idea owners in their meta-university space as an accelerator so that they can make successful projects Web3.0-based in Metaverse, gaming, NFT, etc.



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