Biography of Adonis Blockchain

Biography of Adonis Blockchain

Biography of the founder:

Adonis International Holding was established as an international investment company in 2005 and is currently the main owner and shareholder of a group of international companies in the financial field, banking, investment, information technology, education, commercial and law services. In many cases, affiliated companies collaborate and support each other for the main purpose of holding apart from their exclusive activities. Adonis decided to launch Adonis Network Company as a leading technology company based on its subsidiary companies' capabilities in the field of information technology. A year of research led to the company's launch in 2022, and all the necessary permits were obtained from the Turkish government.

Founder of Adonis Blockchain (ADON Coin):

Sarkan Kaplan is a Turkish citizen, a doctorate graduate in information technology, and the manager of Adonis Network, who was able to launch a private encrypted blockchain called ADON coin in Turkey by recruiting experts in the field of blockchain programming. ADON coin is a new generation of blockchain that is POS technology using zk-SNARK and Decentralized Governance Protocol (DGP) to create fully distributed structures with privacy and security for all users.

Investors :

*Adonis Network JSC

*Adonis International Holdings

*London Business E-School

consultants :

*British Capital (Financial Consultant)

*Britapp (Blockchain Developer)

*GS Lawfirm (Legal consultant)

Partnerships and relationships with Adonis:

As a launchpad, Adonis Network is trying to help its users to use Adonis smartchain technology and create tokens for their projects in the fields of gaming, metaverse, and NFT. The company also develops online services and a fundamental change in the executive structure and Digitalizing their business using blockchain technology solutions and digital currencies with high quality, innovative and cost-effective systems. We provide services to various startups and companies, from minor to average types of companies and even organizations. We guide them in the best way to maximize their investment in information technology and reduce the cost of acquiring new technologies.



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