Facility Management Software: Major Features and Popular Products

Facility Management Software: Major Features and Popular Products

Facility management software helps manage a company’s buildings, physical assets, and staff. The functionality of facility management software may include facility planning and maintenance, inventory management, vendor relations management, assets and tech staff performance analytics, and more.

Why implement facility management software

Automation of facility management functions. Automation of the day-to-day routine of facility managers and technicians helps ensure consistency of work orders, make the technical operations of your facilities smoother, and reduce human errors of tech staff to a minimum.

entralized facility management. Numerous functions like asset planning and maintenance, resource planning and allocation, inventory management, field staff coordination, and vendor management can be managed by using a single tool.

Reduced costs. Using facility management solutions helps reduce costs due to preventive maintenance, smart allocation of resources, automated inventory control, improved energy efficiency, and more.

Full visibility into facility data and analytics. A facility management system gives a unified view of versatile data on assets, human resources, inventory, maintenance processes, and more. It also offers analytics of this data, which helps businesses get valuable insights on how to optimize space utilization, reduce maintenance costs, and improve the productivity of tech staff.

Top 3 Facility Management Software

Hippo CMMS

Hippo CMMS is suitable for a variety of industries like manufacturing, healthcare, hospitality, education, municipalities, and more. It is a flexible tool with an intuitive interface and rich capabilities for improving your facility management activities.


UpKeep is an easy-to-use cloud-based facility management tool. With this tool, you can access the core facility maintenance and management features from your desktop, phone, or tablet. UpKeep is suitable for small and midsize companies from manufacturing, hospitality, agriculture, and other industries.

Make a choice that will change the way your facility is managed

With a facility management solution, facility managers can supervise and maintain facilities with a single tool, cut maintenance costs, and extend the life of assets and equipment. If you need a reliable solution that meets your specific needs, Adonis is ready to share its facility management software expertise. Just let us know.



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