We’re Expanding! A New Adonis Network Location in the US

We’re Expanding! A New Adonis Network Location in the US

This week, we celebrate the opening of a new Adonis office in Atlanta, GA. Atlanta marks our 7th office worldwide. Other recent office openings include Riga (Latvia) and Fujairah (UAE).

Atlanta is Adonis’s second office to open in the United States in addition to McKinney, TX. The expansion results from growth in our US operations and determination to increase cooperation in the eastern coastal areas.

“We recognized the need for a new location to accommodate our growing firm. A budding tech scene, a home to several innovative startups, a great business community with some of the biggest brands in the world, Atlanta turned to be an ideal place for Adonis Network’s newest location. With a new office, we’re eager to offer greater collaboration convenience and service flexibility to our clients”, says CEO Serkan Kaplan.

With 32-year experience in IT and over 700 employees on board, Adonis Network provides a wide range of IT services, which include IT consulting, custom and platform-based software consulting and development, testing & QA, L1-L3 IT support, data analytics, infrastructure and cybersecurity services, and managed IT services.

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